Gluing of clinker tiles

Gluing of clinker tiles

The question of the facade of the house is one of the most important after deciding what materials, what type it will be. Due to the excellent technical properties, durability, longevity, ease of maintenance, colors, design solutions, clinker tile facade is very often chosen. What will be the facade of the house will determine the choice: ease of installation, economy, durability and aesthetic beauty. Those looking for a simpler, but by no means inferior solution, choose a plastered facade. For those looking for a long-term, durable, maintenance-free solution, the trendy solution is not discouraged by the slightly higher price of the clinker tile facade.

Why clinker is better?

Clinker tiles are hard and durable, they absorb very little moisture (the technical characteristics state that the moisture absorption is only 5%). This feature is especially important when there are quite significant temperature fluctuations in our country and the wet season lasts for a long time. Because clinker tiles do not absorb much moisture, they are resistant to cold, heat, do not deform due to temperature changes, do not distort, as this happens with wooden, log or other facades. Another important feature – clinker tiles are resistant to UV rays. They will not fade, and the clinker-tiled facade will remain as it was, without losing color over the years.

Why we stand for clinker tiles?

Due to the features already listed, ceramic clinker tiles are significantly superior. There are cases when people think, for example, that a plastered facade is cheaper. However, although the price of clinker tiles match with their quality, the plastered facade does not offer superior durability or easier maintenance. After a few years, such a facade begins to change, cracks appear due to weather conditions, humidity and mechanical damage, it begins to crumble and the color fading is obvious. The clinker facade will look the same after a decade. If you want, you can wash only the dust off of it.

Peculiarities of clinker tile gluing

Gluing clinker tile facade requires thoroughness, it is especially important to avoid gaps between the clinker tile and the facade of the house to prevent moisture. Experienced clinker tile gluing specialists advise that if, you apply special elastic glue not only on the tile, but also on the facade, it will help to avoid mistakes, you follow the rules of clinker tile facade installation, glue them from top to bottom, without rushing and keeping the recommended distances and forming the necessary gaps, installing quality seams.

However, if you have never glued clinker tiles on the facade, choose experienced professionals who will make sure that the facade of your house is durable and you will not have to pay twice.

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