Bricklaying with clinker bricks

What we do

Klinkerio murijimas

Bricklaying with clinker bricks

Klinkerio plyteliu klijavimas

Gluing of clinker tiles

Sienu ir pertvaru murijimas

Wall and partition wall bricklaying

Individualių namu statyba

Construction of individual houses

Klinkerio murijimas plyteliu klijavimas

UAB “Titana”

UAB “ Titana” – reliable construction company of individual houses.

We started our work in 2005, gathering a team of reliable specialists.
We have accomplished a lot of successful projects and built individual houses.
Every year we have grown and become stronger. Today we are valued for the quality, honesty and thoroughness. Our work is our business card. We are constantly improving our knowledge and striving to make our work a business card of the company.

Why choose us?

Price and quality

You choose the price and we ensure high quality of work.

Professional specialists work in the company with qualification certificates and professional skills. This ensures the quality of the work we do. We use materials only from well-known and time-tested manufacturers, we strictly adhere to the specified technologies when using their materials in construction processes.

Operational work

You choose the deadline for the work and we look for possibilities to follow them.

Deadline of work completion is defined considering the technological requirements of construction processes and customer needs. We always find an opportunity to match the qualitative requirements of construction processes with the customer’s desired deadlines. Operative work – the client’s expectations realized – new opportunities for the contractor.

Professional approach

You choose professional service provider and we fulfil your expectations.

The company’s employees have high professional requirements, therefore the company invests in employee training, provides an opportunity to participate in professional and material supplier training. Thanks to the quality control system of the services provided by the company, we do not leave even the slightest discrepancies in assessing the choice of customers and our reputation.

Our work

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