Construction of individual houses

Construction of individual houses

To build a solid long-lasting house is the dream of many. 

When preparing to build a house, a clear vision and decision on what type of house you would like will help: brick, frame, modular, log, single-storey, two-storey or larger, with or without a garage, flat or pitched roof, what the heating system should be, facade.

Your dream needs to be very detailed. 

Like everything, the construction of a house begins with boring but very important work – arranging the necessary documents, selecting and coordinating the project and obtaining a construction permit, choosing a construction company.

The construction of an individual house can take several months or several years, depending on the chosen method. The brick house impresses with its longevity, strength and with properly installed facade – resistance to external influences.

However, when building a brick house, it is important to comply with all technological requirements, it takes longer than building a frame house. 

Wooden, log house charms with ecology, harmony with the environment, frame-panel – an opportunity to quickly move in the house.

Almost all methods of building an individual house have both, pros and cons. Therefore, the assessment should be made in the form of rejection, first of all considering how it will fit in the environment, whether you want sophisticated decisions, what cost of building a house is acceptable to you, what materials should prevail.

The advantages of a brick house are not only strength, but also the possibility to accomplish non-standard solutions. However, brick construction also has its drawbacks, some bricks and blocks tend to absorb moisture, so it is necessary to provide a facade that would act as a shield against environmental influences. The price of a brick house is higher. 

The log house is praised for its special microclimate, it does not need finishing. The disadvantage is that all the good properties are valid only if the building material is properly prepared, well impregnated with special supplies to protect against rot and insects. The biggest downside is time. It takes a long time to prepare and dry the logs, and even after assembling the house, you will have to wait, maybe even a year, for it to stand and “settle” before you can do the interior finishing work.

Parts of the panel house are assembled in the factory, with insulation, finishing, electrical installation. At the construction site, the panels are simply assembled, joined and reinforced. This is a very fast construction. The panel house will be strong and durable, but there will be difficulties if you want to change the layout of the spaces, because not all ideas can be realized. 

A frame house is valued for its relatively fast construction and the fact that a passive house can be built and installed in this way. The price of a frame house is lower than brick house, and the warmth and coziness are not inferior, but even in this case, it is necessary to consider spaces during the design, which can be difficult or impossible to change later.

In summary, each individual house is charming in its own way, so no matter what construction method you choose. It is much easier to build a house if you have helpers, great craftsmen, specialists or hiring a company. There will be no misunderstandings if you have clearly discussed the detailed construction plan of the house, the course, the cost of the works and you have provided funds for unexpected works or decisions.

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