About us

UAB “ Titana” – reliable construction company of individual houses.

We started our work in 2005, gathering a team of reliable specialists.

We have accomplished a lot of successful projects and built individual houses.

Every year we have grown and become stronger. Today we are valued for the quality, honesty and thoroughness. Our work is our business card.

Our services :

  • Build individual houses – works from foundation to the roof.
  • Install foundations
  • Do bricklaying from blocks, bricks and clinker bricks
  • Do facade finishing works with various technologies
  • Glue the facade with clinker bricks
  • Do wall and partition wall bricklaying with clinker bricks

We are constantly improving our knowledge and striving to make our work a business card of the company.

Do you have any questions? Need a consultation? Let’s get in touch. We are sure we will find the best solution.

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